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Remember Morning Treat®?

The MORNING TREAT® brand name was created over 95 years ago, with coffee beans roasted and ground by the Lieux Brothers Grocery in New Roads, Louisiana. New Roads is a beautiful very old town situated on False River lake, about 35 miles east from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

aboutusIn the 30s and 40s, Morning Treat salesman Stanley Heine sold coffee throughout the South as part of the founding group of employees and where he later became Sales Manger. Mr. Heine’s semi-weekly presentation to the Morning Treat salesmen have been edited into a book Sell, Sell, Sell which is presented today on a daily basis at www.sellsellsell.org.

Later Sam A. Gallo, Stanley’s son-in-law acquired and ran Morning Treat Coffee from 1969 to 1985. In the early 1990’s Michael Gallo, Sam’s son established a new Morning Treat corporation to carry on the brand as a third generation Coffee tier. We are now proud to carry on the MORNING TREAT® brand as a quality southern tradition.

Morning Treat Coffee Company has been a leader in new coffee processing ideas. Although a small company, its most notable innovation was the one-cup coffee single, similar to the tea bag. Attempts by others to produce a single serving of fresh ground coffee were fruitless. Morning Treat developed the high speed nitrogen “gas flushing” (almost 500 bags per minute) manufacturing process, for which the company received a U.S. patent. A photograph of the Morning Treat prototype machine is shown in the header of this website. To those familiar with coffee, the Morning Treat Coffee single was the first commercially successful, single cup, fresh ground coffee product introduced into the coffee marketplace. One cup servings of coffee are now a stock item on grocery shelves today under other brand names.

For inquiries about the new Morning Treat, contact:

Michael P. Gallo, President
Morning Treat Coffee Co., Inc.
4316 Auburn Drive
Flower Mound, TX 75028
E-Mail: email-box

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